Giraffe Headpiece


What You'll Need:

WED Clay (EM-217 clay) to sculpt the giraffe's head
Generic Armature to sculpt the head on top of (optional).  Here's the video link for making one.
Sculpting tools
Plaster Wrap
Non-stick cooking spray
Scott Shop towels (blue)
Craft Foam
Closed cell polyethylene foam (link below where to get it)
Paper Maché supplies: flour, water, scissors, bowl
Paper Mache Clay.  Here's the video link for how to make it
White glue (like Elmer's)
Hot glue gun
Goop Adhesive
Acrylic Paints

Small paint brushes
Xacto knife
Matte Poly/Varnish
Faux Fur
Bamboo stakes (heavy duty size/thickness)

Here is a link for where you can find the Closed Cell Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam
I used the 3/8" thick foam to make the giraffe's neck.

Click on the link below to watch the video

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11 Comments on “Giraffe Headpiece

  1. Oh no, that’s terrible. Yes, you have to let the paper mache dry completely. I’ve never used wallpaper glue before, so I hope that will work for you. I’m curious to know why you were using newspaper “stuffing” and exactly what you were doing with it on the mask.

  2. Attachment

    Oh..ok. Thank you. My gigant Simba mask just broke this afternoon so I am a bit upset right now. I spent a week making it. Used wallpaper glue and News paper, and then papercaly..after the newspaper was dry….or so I thought, but when I pulled out the newspaper “stuffing”, the newspaper was not dry at the back and the mask kind of I guess I need to let it dry longer og do samethingår completely different with the materias I use.

  3. Sorry about that! Some of my videos are now pay-per-view only (like the giraffe), and it’s price is about .99 US (or 9.00 NOK). 🙂 I fixed it and hopefully it should work for you now.

  4. I used a combination of hot glue and GOOP or E6000. The GOOP or E6 is what will hold it “forever” once it dries, but in the meantime, use the hot glue to keep it together until the GOOP dries over night. I use that combo for anything that I need to hold together with strength (like the baseball cap when I connect it to the masks).

  5. Hi
    Have been watching some of you films as a part of my preperation of making som papermache masks for a lion king jr production. I Live in Norway. But this one about how you did the giraffe is not available in my country do to the uploaders settings. Can you please make it visible for meg?
    Thank you 🙂
    Great work btw 🙂

  6. Hi Lynne,
    One mask takes two to three days to make, depending on the mask. That’s starting with the clay sculpture, then doing the plaster wrap, then paper mache, then painting, then putting on the baseball cap. In the case of the giraffes, it takes time to cut out all the foam, paint it, then attach it to the giraffe head. A lot of time is waiting for the piece to dry in between coats of plaster/paper mache, or paint, etc.. Good luck! and be sure to stop back and post pictures of your finished pieces!

  7. Hi there, living your awesome designs – how long did it take you to make one? I have a lion king production in August so not sure how many to aim for Thanks , Lynne 🙂

  8. Hi Esperanza, I only used the foam for the necks and for underneath the jaws. It’s been many months so I can’t exactly remember but I think I got the 5 foot sheet. Good luck! and remember to upload some pictures when you’re done!

  9. I have to make 4 of these giraffes. How much of the Closed cell polyethylene foam would you suggest that I purchase?

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