Paper Maché is a fun and versatile art form.  ​Depending on how it's made and cared for, paper maché can last for over a hundred years!  My how-to videos will show you step by step how to create things like masks and headpieces.  However, you can use these techniques to create just about anything your imagination can dream up.  I also have related how-to videos for
making Paper Maché Clay and silicone molds.

Oh the Artfulness of it all...

Any supplies or materials you need to do costuming or sewing can be found in my Art Supply Store.

How to Do Paper Maché for BeginnersHow to Do Paper MachéJust learning or need a refresher on
how to do paper maché?  Click on
the picture for a step by step how-to video.

How to Do Plaster Wrap
Plaster WrapPlaster wrap is the ideal material to
use when you want your paper maché
item to have extra strength and durability.
Click on the picture for a step by step video
that shows you how to do plaster wrap.

How to Make Paper Maché Clay
Paper Mache clayPaper Maché Clay is a fantastic material to use
when doing any kind of paper maché project.  It's perfect
for doing all kinds of fine features on your PM art.
Click on the picture for a step by step video on how to make it.

How to Use Paper Maché Clay
Paper Mache ClayYou've learned how to make paper maché clay,
so what can you do with it?  Click on the picture to see
a video tutorial on how to use this versatile material.

Generic Sculpting Armature
Generic Sculpting ArmatureIt's nice to have different armatures for sculpting.
Click on the picture for a step by step video that
shows you how to make a generic sculpting armature
that's great for making masks.

Making a Silicone Mould
Silicone MouldNeed to duplicate a mask or other object?
Click on the picture for a step by step video
to show you how, and a materials list for what you'll need.

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Do you have a comment or question?  Or perhaps you'd like to share one of your paper maché ideas, designs or how-to techniques that my other readers could use?   Send it to me below, and don't forget to upload a picture or video so we can see your Artfulness!

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  1. Hi Jen,
    My middle schoo, MS 137,l will be performing this show March 2016. Can you send me a close-up of your kids masks and were they very difficult to make? I am the only volunteer to make costumes, headpieces, masks, & set design for 55 students. As I look online at other school shows I am getting overwhelmed by the amount of work this show will take.

  2. Do you sell your headpieces / headdresses? I’m particularly interested in a Lion King headpiece (lioness or simba).

  3. We are also embarking on this amazing journey! We will be presenting Lion King Jr. in March 2016 as well!
    We can’t wait to get started! Kevin…. thank you for these amazing tutorials!

  4. Hi Heather,
    My best tips for making the masks can be found in the how-to videos. Let me know if you have any specific questions with your mask making. Good luck! and don’t forget to post some pictures of your masks!

  5. Wow! These are amazing! I’m currently working on the same project. Our school will be performing The Lion King Jr in March 2016. I am very interested in any tips you might have after creating all these amazing masks/headpieces. My e mail is if you are willing to give any tips it would be so appreciated. I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the thought of making these.

  6. Wow, the kids look great Jen!! You did a fantastic job with the masks and costumes. Congratulations on a successful show!!

  7. Attachment

    Hello Kevin! I touched base with you a few months ago to thank you for your invaluable tutorials. Our production of Lion King jr closed Sunday, and I want to share a photo. I sculpted the masks first with laguna clay, covered with plaster wrap and paper mache, and attached them based on your suggestions. Thank you, thank you ,THANK YOU for posting your process!

  8. Hi Sophie,
    Sorry to hear that your costume person is out of the picture. Have you been able to find a replacement? How do you think I might be able to help?

  9. Hello, I made a paper mache mask fairly close to what The Lion King Broadway show masks looks like, but can’t figure out how to attach it to a hat!!! I really need some help there, as I want it on TOP of my head, and not over my face; as there is no eye holes to see out of. Can you help me out???


  10. Hello… I am about to have a breakdown and I feel like coming across your website might have shown me some light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I am in the middle of producing the lion king jnr and I have no idea what to do about head dresses\masks. The girl who does our costumes has gone off sick and I’m left on my own!!! Please help!!!

  11. hello! this really helps because there is a possibility that as a school musical this year we are doing, the lion king jr. and i wasn’t sure how to grasp the African masks seen in the show, i may have to break out my old clay and give your methods a shot! i think it would be cool to see you make a Scar or Mufasa mask because your really good at getting Simba pretty close!
    thanks again!

  12. Thanks Mark, I’m glad you liked the site and that you found the how-to videos helpful. I can’t wait to see what you create! Be sure to stop back and show us.

  13. Your masks are incredible! Truly show stoppers! Thanks for doing the tutorials, you’ve inspired me to break out the paper mache and make a mask. Great website too.

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