Stained Glass Hummer Square Reduced

I discovered the world of stained glass over 20 years ago.  I learned the techniques from a friend who was a master glassman, and now I'm happy to share the knowledge and skills with others.  Everyone thinks of windows when they think of stained glass but there are so many different things you can make, like lamps, sun catchers, garden stepping stones...the list is only limited by your imagination!

Oh the Artfulness of it all..

Dragon Fly Sqare Reduced

Any supplies or materials you need to do stained glass can be found in my Art Supply Store

Want to learn how to do stained glass?
Watch this how-to video

Stained Glass Holly Lamp 16x20

Stained Glass Tree Lamp 16x20

Stained Glass Swamp Lamp

Stained Glass Lantern 16x20

Stained Glass HummerStone 16x20

Stained Glass Bluebird 16x20

Stained Glass Cardinal 16x20

Stained glass dog 16x20


Do you have a comment or question?  Or perhaps you'd like to share one of your stained glass ideas, designs or how-to techniques that my other readers could use?   Send it to me below, and don't forget to upload a picture or video so we can see your Artfulness!  

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  1. I fixed it on YouTube. YouTube is very specific for many videos and countries, so just let me know if you have any problems with other videos. 🙂

  2. Hi Eileen, thanks for your kind words. Ok so here’s the deal on solder “tarnishing”. Every metal oxidizes over time. The only ways I know to try to keep the silver solder looking “silvery” is to use a finishing wax. Most stained glass supply houses sell them. I personally have never used them. I often finish my pieces with a patina. That’s a chemical that you brush onto the solder that turns it copper or black for example. All the silver pieces that I have just tend to “tarnish” over time and that’s part of the look of stained glass that I personally like.

  3. Very nice tutorial. My son did stained glass in high school and wants to get back to it so this is a good refresher for him. One question, how do you prevent tarnishing of the solder once the piece is done? I have a piece he did several years ago and the solder has a whitish film on it that was not there to start. Also, you mentioned about the patina that you use, perhaps another tutorial in the future? That is when you aren’t doing costuming and making masks! Fine job on those by the way! I have been following you/your progress on Ultimate Paper Mache. It was fun to see all the finished masks. What is your next project?

  4. My grandfather did stained glass. I was to young to learn from him and I always wish I was older. His pieces are seen throughout my families homes. Now I want to learn. Your video was very helpful. Could you recommend where to get Patterns for beginners? I would appreciate any help. Thank You

  5. I really found your video for stain glass very helpful. I really like the pattern you used for the window. I have been searching the web, including your site. I can’t find the pattern anywhere. To buy or for free. Could you share where to find the pattern.

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