Thanks for visiting my site.  My name is Kevin Doheny and I wear many hats on my journey through life.  I am a parent, a husband, a trained psychologist & social worker and a friend and colleague to many.  One of my lifelong passions is doing art of all kinds.  My artistic endeavors include:  paper maché, costuming, painting (including murals for children's rooms), stained glass, sculpting (clay & plaster), and sewing (clothing, costumes, upholstery).  I'm happiest when I have some kind of artistic project to do.  I'm inspired most by my family, especially by my child for whom I do so many of these projects!

I also enjoy making how-to videos that show you how to make these artful creations.  You'll find the video links throughout the site.  It's exciting when I find out my work has inspired someone else.  I'm always happy to receive comments and answer questions from my readers.  There are comment sections below each post on the site, and I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas!  

Have fun exploring the site.  Join in on the conversations.  Imagine!  Create!  Inspire!

Oh the Artfulness of it all...

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