Hairspray costuming is all about the BIG HAIR, so rather than do the same old ratted wigs for our production I created big over-the-top wigs made from different kinds of foam.  They're fun, they're campy and everyone loves them!

The wigs were made from 3 different types of foam: 
-Open-cell foam (like acoustic or upholstery foam)
-EVA foam (yoga mats!)
-Polyethylene foam (pool noodles)

Click on any of the pictures to see more.  Some of the pages will show you how the wig was made.

The Tracy

HS Edna Square Reduced
The Edna

The Marilyn

Curly Bouffant

Skull Cap Pattern

Penny Pingleton

The Marie Antoinette

Beehive Fringe

Ginger Bouffant


The Danny

The Dynamites

Velma Von Tussle

Amber Von Tussle

Little Inez

The LuLus

Paisley Chick

Miss Kitty

The Biff

Mr. Pinky

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