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What You’ll Need:

WED Clay (EM-217 clay) to sculpt the mask/headpiece
Sculpting tools
Plaster Wrap
Non-stick cooking spray
Scott Shop towels (blue)
Foam Wig Head or sculpting head armature
Paper Maché supplies: flour, water, scissors, mixing bowl
Paper Mache Clay, here’s the video on how to make it

Gray craft foam (ears), White craft foam (teeth)
Thick black craft foam (hair)
White glue (like Elmer’s)
Hot glue gun
Goop adhesive
Acrylic Paints
Small paint brushes
Xacto knife
Matte Varnish
Baseball cap and related supplies.  Here’s the how-to video to secure the mask to your head

Step-by-Step How to Make the Hyena Mask/Headpiece

(Click on the link below to watch the video)

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