Marty the Zebra

Marty's costume consisted of a jumpsuit trimmed in faux fur, complete with a tail.
The headpiece is made from ultra light foam and only weighs about 10 ounces!

I began Marty's headpiece by making a cardboard mock up and pattern.  The pattern was cut out of ultra light closed cell foam and the pieces were glued together using contact cement.  Hard edges were sanded down using a Dremel Moto tool, and seams were filled in with calk.  The entire piece was then sprayed with 6 coats of Plastidip.  

Sections of fringe were cut out of both black and white craft foam (thick) and glued to the headpiece using contact cement.  Zebra stripes were painted on using acrylic paint and fine details were painted including ears, eyes and mouth/muzzle.  A chin strap was added to help secure the headpiece for rapid movement and dance numbers.

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