KevinPainting 16x20

I've enjoyed painting for many years and I began doing murals after my daughter was born.  I started out with one of of the walls in her room, and soon friends and family began asking me to come and do murals for their children's rooms.  I'll paint on just about anything that is or isn't nailed down!

Oh the Artfulness of it all...

KevinPaint Mario 16x20

Any supplies or materials you need to paint can be found in my Art Supply Store​

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Kevin painting Birdhouses Reduced

My grandfather used to make bird houses, specifically for wrens, and give them to us as gifts.  After he passed away, I started making them myself.  Every time I hear the wrens sing I think of him.  


Painting doesn't have to involve a brush and paints.  You can use your computer/electronic device to create your next masterpiece.  I did this Warhol-inspired pop art using a few different apps on my Mac including iPhoto, Photo Booth and Paint.  


 Do you have a comment or question?  Or perhaps you'd like to share one of your painting ideas, designs or how-to techniques that my other readers could use?   Send it to me below, and don't forget to upload a picture or video so we can see your Artfulness!

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